• My child was stubborn and very lazy in studying but with this piece of software now he is very good at the subject.
    - Mrs. Thanuja (Rathmalana) -
  • Akshara winyasaya is one of the major parts that directly affect the score in either subject, writing correctly is a must for scoring. this piece of software covers everything about akshara winyasaya
    - Mr. Sanjeewa (Gampaha) -
  • I didn't believe that this software could teach my child some of the complex matters of Sinhala subject this much easier, he really likes to use it especially those activities.
    - Mrs. Sanjana (Kurunegala) -

Visually rich contents

Contains animated explainers and narrations.

Properly planned and designed video animations will help the students to understand the complex explanations of the lessons very easily. Each part of the topic is very carefully animated with motions and highlights. This motivates the students to engage with the lessons more actively.

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Entertaining activities

Contains entertaining, Interactive activities.

In addition to audiovisual explainers, this software is enriched with interactive activities where the student can actively engage, providing a true edutainment experience. Students can fill in the blanks, match left and right, click on the answers, and many more types of activities. With infinite randomization capabilities, some activities are endless.

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Massive syllabus coverage

Covers each aspect of "Akshara winyasa rata in Grade 3,4 and 5

With proper guidance and supervision, this piece of software covers each aspect of the topic "Akshara winyasa rata". "Akshara winyasa rata is one of the most needed and un-handled topics needed for any subject of the grade five scholarship for scoring. Apart this content base is very helpful for any student under any grade who follows their subject contents in Sinhala mediums to properly write their answers

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Feature highlights